About Me

Hi Everyone,

My name is Eleonora, but I have been known as Ellie for the last 20 years in the UK.

My home town is Milan, Italy, one of the biggest fashion cities in the world… and I am so lucky to have been born there and lived in this beautiful city for the first 20 years of my life! Fashion, class and style have always been there with me… Imagine jump suit in Milan… without the sparkle. unthinkable really ?

My choice of career has been quite a mix, I came over to the UK in 1997 and lived in London for the first five years; a city that I will never forget (for good reasons); I have met extraordinary people from all over the world and the funny thing was, I couldn’t speak English…

After London, I decided to make a move to the north of England searching for a new way of life and once again my priority was to pursue a career in customer relations in retail. Sheffield was an interesting city; Yorkshire people are extremely friendly and I loved every minute of it… one thing that was quite peculiar was to be called… “You’re right Duck” and I never understood why I was called a duck!!

Well, after a few more years and finally settling in the north, I knew I needed a change… a change in life, career and yes, love too, I’m afraid, the broken heart that everyone goes through. So, my map was out again and this time I was looking for a warmer climate… I know I am Italian and looking for somewhere warm in England is like looking for a needle in a haystack; hard to find! But, never the less, my pen drew around beautiful Devon and Somerset; so off I went looking for my little spot of sunshine in those two counties in the west.

First stop Devon; wow what a place, I fell in love with Exeter and the beautiful Cathedral (quite a piece in the heart of a small city) and yes, the scones (jam on top, right!?!); I decided this time to get a job in a big retail company and mainly working in the furniture department. And, so I thought… this is great, I know I am good at this, I love talking to clients… (I am Italian after all) and I’ve learnt so much about styling a beautiful house.

After a few more years in this large retail company, I once again needed a challenge and pushed myself even further; I’ve found a new job in Taunton, the quirky county town of Somerset, where everybody knows what a cider is and I must be the only one that never even tried one (not good really). So, after a year in this leading home furnishing company, I was promoted to be one of their Home Consultants.

After a rigorous training programme, I was set up to meet my first clients in their own home and started to help them to create beautiful made-to-measure window treatment. And, yes, this is when I found out I’m very good at it (I know big headed too). So, I’ve decided to take my training even further and finally after three years of studying at the National Design Academy, I have achieved the impossible! A qualified interior design and soft furnishing maker. Well, I would call it a massive WOW..

After nearly 20 years without opening a book (diploma in business management in Milan) I had the courage to change my life again. Now, to sit here and say it was easy and amazing,  without the sweat and tears, I would be lying of course. It was hell, but the end of it was paradise; the best thing I have done to advance my career, and I am sure I would do it again… in another 20 years!!

Now, finally after 5 long year in this multi-national company, I have decided to fly solo and truly offer a service that everyone deserves. Style, quality, sophistication it’s what I offer to all my clients, all varieties of fabrics from the best leading designers are on the table, and with my experience in combining different products with my Italian flair, rest assured you wont be disappointed…

So, come and meet me in my very first shop in Taunton for a chat, a cuppa of tea and for the brave, an Italian coffee.

Ciao x